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Seasonal Radiance: Revitalize Your Skin's Natural Glow
Herbs we love: Peppermint
In this month’s herb blog, our Brand Ambassador, Tipper Lewis, shares her knowledge of peppermint and the ways it can support wellbeing all year round.
Our organic evolution: 2010s – today
If you read our last blog, you’ll have journeyed with us through the 1980s to the 2000s as we looked back on our organic milestones and told the stories behind them. Now, we’re back with the second instalment of our organic evolution, covering the decades where we spearheaded the way as organic beauty began to boom.
Herbs we love: Marshmallow
We’re mad about marshmallow. No, not the pillowy candy; we’re in love with Althea Officinalis, the perennial, hardy, herbaceous marshmallow plant that we grow at our eco factory gardens in Peacemarsh and use in some of our favourite products.