Light summer layers: how to build a seasonal skincare routine

Neal's Yard Remedies

Neal's Yard Remedies

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Four lightweight layers we’re turning to this season for refreshed and radiant looking skin. 

There’s something about summer that makes us long for simpler skincare. While winter regimes call for intense nourishment for weather-weary skin, vacations and heatwaves simply do not lend themselves to rich, heavy moisturisers and masks. Refreshing your summer skincare routine means turning to soothing serums, cooling mists , and light-weight moisturisers. 

Read on for the formulas we’re favouring this season, and what order to apply them, for radiant looking summer skin in four simple steps. All featherlight, ideal for layering and – because it’s us – made with organic  and  responsibly sourced ingredients…  

Step 1: Vitamin C

After thorough cleansing, start your morning with a brightening dose of vitamin C. No matter your skin type or tone, vitamin C’s rich antioxidant content makes an ideal addition to your summer skincare routine, helping to brighten  and soothe skin. 

Our Vitamin C Brightening Booster features a bespoke radiance complex made with nature’s most potent source of vitamin C, Kakadu plum. 

The addition of hyaluronic acid brings added hydration and helps to lock in moisture for soft, supple skin. 

Step 2: Spritz

A spritz or two of a moisturising mist is a welcome refresher at any time of day, but adding this extra hit of hydration at this stage of your skincare routine will prime your skin for the rest of your skincare products – without leaving any residual heaviness on the skin’s surface. 

Our Frankincense Hydrating Mist, as its name suggests, is formulated with cooling  aloe vera for ultra-hydrated and refreshed skin, while our Reviving White Tea Facial Mist, with soothing aloe vera and antioxidant-rich white tea to help counteract the effects of pollutants. 

Step 3: Serum

Our skin naturally produces more oil in hot and humid conditions. 

Serums are great for summer skin as they hydrate and address issues including fine lines, laxity, texture, dullness and more without clogging pores, helping to balance excess oil and sebum production that can stem from high temperatures. 

With your skin damp from the mist, your serum of choice will sink right in. We’d recommend our Frankincense Intense™ Age-Defying or Lift Serums to address signs of ageing, Wild Rose Beauty Serum for a natural radiance boost and Sensitive Restore & Smooth Serum for reactive skin. 

Step 4: Moisturiser

Those with oily or combination skin may choose to skip this step altogether, we recommend opting for an everyday matte moisturiser like our Yarrow & Comfrey or Purifying Palmarosa Daily Moisture

Those with normal, dry or sensitive skin will still benefit from some extra hydration even in the warmer weather. 

We recommend pairing our Frankincense Intense™ Age-Defying or Lift Serums with their equally high-performing respective moisturisers: Frankincense Intense™ Age-Defying Cream or Lift Cream

If you’re looking for an extra radiance boost as well as hydration, try our lightweight Wild Rose Day Glow Cream