Create a peaceful and calming haven anywhere. Elegant and aesthetically pleasing, this diffuser delights your senses and adds luxury to everyday living.

The diffuser has color changing mood lighting, which moves through a rainbow of colors, it can also be set on a single color of choice. There is also a no light option, to continue soothing while you sleep.

The diffuser (7.1" x 4.2") also acts as a mini-humidifier, creating a cool, scented and relaxing mist which will spread fragrances quickly and effectively.


  • Auto shut-off
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Low energy consumption
  • Rich LED color lights
  • 80ml Water Capacity
  • Includes A/C Adapter

Works well with:

  • Essential Oils & Blends
We advise you to empty and rinse the water tank of your diffuser and wipe it dry with a clean cloth every time you use a different type of essential oil. This is because essential oils, especially citrus oils*, may cause damage to the disc if left in the water tank. This type of damage is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty. *Essential oils to take care with are: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Orange, Petitgrain and Lemongrass. *All of our Aromatherapy Blends contain citrus except for De Stress and Vitality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews

I received this diffuser as a gift from a yoga student & it has been gracing my yoga studio for 8 years now! I can't believe it has lasted this long with no issues. It's super forgiving, as I rarely clean it but it never smells weird (like my other diffusers do after just one use.) It automatically shuts off when the water is gone, so I never worry about the water running out. And it isn't picky about how full it is. It just works so well. I really love this diffuser.


My son bought me as a gift a few years ago, it's fabulous, I use a variety of your lovely oils in it, my favourite is rose. I am pleasantly surprised by the compliments I get when anyone visiting see's it, I get lots of great comments on the colour changing and the lovely aromas, I am exceedingly pleased with it :)

Love it. I recommend them to everyone

Ive been using this in lockdown with a mix of May chang peppermint and eucalyptus and has brightened my spirits every day. I'm sure its so beneficial. The diffuser keeps a good strength of vapour and always a strong aroma. Love it.

Love this diffuser

I love the Soto diffuser because of the colour changing lights, it’s lightweight (I’ve taken it away for weekends!) and robust (I have dropped it a few times!) and I’ve had it for 4.5 years and it’s still going strong. I’ve changed the disc twice and works great. The handy replacement disc set is easy to use and follow instructions. I see the 1 star reviews are all about it stopping working - like the light flicks on then off. Changing the disc has fixed this issue when this has happened. Like I say, love it.

Does what it says it will

My diffuser had stopped working after I had cleaned it (Lights came on then straight off again so I knew electrics were ok) I asked instore for any advice (York) and the assistant suggested changing the disc, at £3.99 I thought it worth a try rather than £55 for a new diffuser as I would of replaced it. So I tried the Zen Ceramic Disk Maintenance Kit. Simple to change and working again. Thank you.

Enhanced our home

I have had this diffuser for years. I absolutely love it. The light changing effect is lovely and the aroma of the essential oils go through the house. I put it on every evening. I am now parting with it as my daughter needs a nice oil burner at her uni house but to be honest I really cant be without it so I am going to buy another. Do buy this it is a great addition to any home.

Best diffuser I’ve bought

This is the best diffuser I’ve bought! I’ve bought cheap ones off Amazon that work for 5 minutes then stop! Or have broken after couple of weeks.Yet this one I’ve had over a year and it works tirelessly in my home every day for hours and hours. Going to buy another for upstairs as so impressed. Thank you Neal’s Yard x

Why only 1* Maybe they switched manufacturer

I’ve bought about five of these over the years (gifts) and although I don’t use it every day/or week, it gets put on about 2-3 a month at most, needless to say, mine and a few others I know have same device working good and proper! Must be at least 6+ years maybe even longer; got them when they first came out at NYR. Shocked at all the one stars and think there must have been a dodgy batch produced, or maybe people putting too much heavy oils in versus water etc. Well a little goes a very long way and mine can last a good 3-4hours then turns off when empty. I would recommend the product, yes there’s cheaper ones on Amazon, but I’ve only ever used this model so can comment on my experience. All the best fellow aroma vaporisers!! And NYR - check your product manufacturers out, something surely isn’t right.

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