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Packaging, recycling
and refills

Recycled (PCR) Plastic

Our aim is for all our plastic packaging to be made using an average of 30% recycled plastic, with all our plastic bottles using 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic before then.

We’re already on our way to meeting our PCR plastic target, having switched to 100% PCR plastic for our most common blue plastic bottle in 2009. Currently all our blue plastic shower, hair and skincare bottles up to 300ml are made from 100% recycled material.

Picture of plastic waste with a blue filter and our commitment that all our bottles up to 200ml are made from 100% recycled plastic overlaid in white writing - Neal's Yard Remedies
Picture taken underwater in the ocean showing plastic bags floating in it with our commitment  that we have never used plastic microbeads in our products and have actively campaigned to have them banned overlaid in white writing - Neal's Yard Remedies
Banning plastic microbeads

Microbeads are harmful plastic particles used in many personal care products that end up polluting our oceans and entering the food chain. We only use natural exfoliating ingredients such as rosehip seeds for our scrubs and polishes - never microbeads.

We successfully lobbied the UK government, alongside Fauna & Flora International, to #BanTheBead. We are now looking to expand the ban worldwide and have already contributed to an EU consultation on banning microplastics.

Look for the zero

We were the first UK brand to be certified with the Look for the Zero logo, showing that we use zero plastic ingredients in our products. We are also seeking to ensure the plastic we use has been carefully managed during production by asking our key plastic suppliers to sign up to Operation Clean Sweep an industry best practice standard to ensure that care is taken to avoid plastic pellet loss during manufacture and transport.

Picture of the 'Look for the Zero' logo which we were the first brand to be issued with this - Neal's Yard Remedies