We aim to be a fair employer offering all employees equal opportunity to develop to their full potential regardless of gender.

By law employers with 250 or more employees are required to publish gender pay gap information each year. We welcome this initiative.

Our mean (average) gender pay gap is 17.1%. This is lower than the UK average gender pay gap of 17.3%. (April 2019)

What is the gender pay gap?

A gender pay gap is the difference between the average of all women’s and the average of all men’s earnings, expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings.

Our pay gap is calculated by taking the average pay of all men working in the company and comparing it with the average pay of all women working woman in the company.

The difference between the two averages is the gender pay gap.

Does a gender pay gap mean that women are not being paid the same as men for doing the same jobs?

No, but this is a common misconception. Paying a man and a woman differently when they do the same or equivalent work is unlawful under the equality legislation.

When a company has a gender pay gap it does not mean that men and women who do the same job are being paid differently.

Whilst the minority of employees in the business are men, they happen to be employed in higher paid jobs. The concentration of a small number of men in such jobs causes the average male salary to be higher than the average female salary.

There is no difference in hourly pay rates between the genders in our factory and retail teams although we employ fewer males than females in retail.

Our Gender Pay Gap

Our mean* (average) gender pay gap is 17.1%.

The UK average gender pay gap is 17.3%.(April 2019)

*Mean average is the difference between the average of all men’s and all women’s pay achieved when all the rates are added together and divided by the number of males and females.

Our median** gender pay gap is 10%.

The UK median gender pay gap is provisionally 11.9%.

**Median is the difference between the mid points in the ranges of men’s and women’s pay achieved by taking the middle figure when the amounts are put in the order of smallest to largest.

What we can do better?

Due to the nature of our business, a very high concentration of our retail team is female which drives the gap. We continue to dedicate time to taking more steps to narrow the gap and we’re proud to be a business where the majority of our leadership team are women. Whilst a gender pay gap exists, we continue to recruit and encourage talent regardless of gender or background.